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About Andrea Whitaker

Andrea Whitaker I started taking photos when I started traveling (about a million years ago) using one of those old cameras with real film and a flip-flash attachment. That old camera captured the travel memories on film but I had no real talent or passion for it. Through the years, my equipment evolved along with my passion for capturing the magic of travel. Now I realize that life offers magical moments every day if you just stop long enough to focus.

What do I focus on? Reflections. European architecture. Quiet moments in nature. Boats of any kind. Almost anything if the light is hitting it just right. I'm an American expat currently living in Nice, France, a city that attracted many artists over the years because of the stunning light. Now I understand why.

Nice has inspired me to toss out my flip flash camera and set aside my Samsung Galaxy S9 phone for a real camera - a Canon EOS M50. So, after watching a few YouTube videos and some Udemy online photography courses, I finally feel like a 'real' photographer! (Haha!)

Thanks for browsing. I really hope you enjoy glimpsing the world through my lens.