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About Andrea Whitaker

Andrea Whitaker Originally from a small town in Minnesota, Andrea was born with an innate curiosity about the world and a burning sense of adventure. So, after graduating from college with a basically worthless degree, she spent the next 28 years working in the aviation industry. It wasn't her "dream job", but it gave her wings to explore the world and the sense of freedom she craved.

These days you'll find her exploring the beauty of Nice, France where she lives a simple life in a tiny apartment in Old Town. As a burned-out wannabe travel writer, she's recently transferred her creative passion into becoming a wannabe travel photographer instead. She still travels frequently (when there's not a pandemic clipping her wings) and has recently visited Morocco, Antarctica, Amsterdam, Prague, and many other European hotspots.

And wherever she goes, she just can't stop taking photos. Hopefully, you'll enjoy viewing the world through her lens!